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We repair motors, generators and gearboxes of all makes and sizes up to a unit weight of 12.5 tons. New windings up to size 355 are carried out in the Stockerau factory, larger tonnages and motor sizes at our partner companies in nearby EU countries. You can reach us 24 hours a day from Austria via our service hotline!

MOLL-MOTOR developed as a direct successor to Norbert MOLL’s repair workshop, which he founded in 1948. Repairing electric motors has therefore been a tradition with us for generations. But not only the company itself, also the individual employees have decades of experience. Five colleagues from the repair department have been in the company for more than 20 years, one of them even for more than 33 years! We are happy about these loyal employees and that they also pass on their experience every day to our mechatronics apprentices, whom we train on an ongoing basis. A total of around 90 employees at MOLL-MOTOR work tirelessly for our customers, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our service hotline.


If an electric motor is no longer functional, the most common cause is a defective winding. In our factory, the motor is inspected and the customer is recommended to purchase a new replacement motor if it is an IEC standard motor. These mass-produced motors are much cheaper than a hand-made new winding. However, for built-in and special motors with mechanical dimensions that deviate from the standard – these include shaft end, shaft height, installation dimensions and design – or deviating winding data – these include insulation class, voltage, frequency or high number of poles – repair is still the best solution. The service life is at least the same as that of new motors, the repair is comprehensive and the routine testing is carried out in accordance with the regulations for new motors.
In the past decades, MOLL-MOTOR has already gained experience with countless special motors, which benefits our customers.
We also take care of functioning electric motors on behalf of our customers. The most frequent reason for repair is bearing wear. Damaged bearings produce running noises and unwanted frictional heat, but with the necessary experience they are quickly replaced.
In any case, we advise our customers and recommend the quickest and most cost-effective solution. Our stock of new motors leaves nothing to be desired, stock motors can be adapted to customer specifications at any time.

Repair of SIEMENS servo motors and main spindle motors SIMOTIC

MOLL-MOTOR is the only SIEMENS certified and audited repair shop for SIEMENS servo motors in Austria. Servo motors differ from ordinary electric motors in that the angular position of the motor shaft, rotational speed and acceleration can be controlled. For this purpose, they are equipped with a rotary encoder with which the position can be determined continuously. In this way, particularly precise sequences of machines can be controlled. Due to the high precision requirement, they have to be serviced regularly, whereby they are put through their paces on our test bench; simulated load operation is also possible. Depending on the condition, either the encoder is readjusted or components such as encoder, bearing, brake or plug are replaced.

All this can be done by us within only 3 to 8 days, a quick repair is possible within a few hours, as we always have a large stock of spare parts available. In addition, as an authorised partner of SIEMENS, we have online access to all necessary data and documents from production and our employees regularly take part in training courses at the SIEMENS headquarters. Every two years, a competence check is carried out by SIEMENS in our company. During this audit, the quality management system, organisation and processes, quality and occupational safety as well as infrastructure and competence are reviewed.

MOLL-MOTOR is also an ISO EN 9001 certified company by TÜV.


In our workshop we repair gearboxes of all well-known manufacturers. Here too, MOLL-MOTOR offers customers the best conditions thanks to its wealth of experience, good access to spare parts and the machinery in Stockerau. You can even entrust us with gearboxes weighing up to 12.5 tons.

RepaIR OF PUMPS & co

A few decades ago, most machine manufacturers had their own repair department. But in the course of rationalisation, these were often saved. In the worst case, customers are pushed to throw away repairable products and replace them. More responsible manufacturers usually look for a partner like MOLL-MOTOR to carry out contract repairs. For example, we have a contract with the Xylem company for the repair of pumps, which we carry out at our site in Stockerau. For customers of Herborner Pumpenfabrik, our customer service is preferably active in swimming pool technology – also on site, with original spare parts – in order to avoid longer closure times.

Even with products from manufacturers with whom there is no contractual relationship, repair is usually possible. Original spare parts can be procured, and many faults can also be repaired independently of spare parts.


Occasionally, defective gearboxes, motors or geared motors are replaced by the customer with a new product, but the customer still wants to call on our expertise to determine the cause of the fault and, for example, to safeguard the system against the same fault in the future. For this purpose, we can disassemble the damaged drive and examine the individual parts for traces. The fault pattern usually gives clear indications as to whether damage was caused by short- or long-term overload, axial or radial forces, etc.

Diagnosis is not only possible retrospectively, but also continuously. MOLL-MOTOR works with SIEMENS SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 diagnostic boxes that collect engine data and transmit it to a server via WLAN. In this way, either the maintenance engineer himself or MOLL-MOTOR on behalf of the operator can analyse the data and receive alarms in the event of significant deviations.


MOLL-MOTOR’s repair staff are not only at work in Stockerau, you may also encounter our service vehicles in other federal states and abroad. We service drives in industrial plants and in public infrastructure facilities where electric motors are running. Preventive maintenance of mechatronic drives in production plants, diagnostics, laser alignment of couplings and belt drives, motor replacement on site, etc. is the daily business of our customer service.


As further services, we offer project planning by our sales engineers, e.g. for automation of operating systems, control cabinets, assemblies or special designs with 3D drawings.

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