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Siemens and Innomotics

MOLL-MOTOR proudly describes itself as a committed partner of SIEMENS, the giant of the electrical industry, and of INNOMOTICS, the SIEMENS subsidiary in which the concentrated expertise for electric motors and geared motors has been bundled. INNOMOTICS continues the tradition that began with Werner von Siemens, the founder of SIEMENS. Various companies established by him and his group paved the way for electrification in Central Europe. The extensive corporate history of SIEMENS, which dates back to 1847, bears witness to the diverse development and adaptation of SIEMENS’ business areas, which range from large household appliances and telephones to trains, traffic light systems and magnetic resonance tomographs. With INNOMOTICS, a particularly traditional business area is now on its way to independence.

Historically, the production of electric motors for industry and commerce was an important line of business for SIEMENS, which still plays a central role today. As a globally active group, SIEMENS developed its core competences in the areas of design, production and documentation. In order to focus these strengths and optimise the organisational structure, the philosophy of working with partner companies was introduced in the late 1990s in order to offer customers improved services.

Franz Andre (Siemens) and Gerald Moll (MOLL-MOTOR) at the signing of the contract in 2006

MOLL-MOTOR was quickly chosen as the company to work with in the field of electric motors. This decision was based on our extensive experience both in supplying new customers and in repairs. In particular, our flexibility and willingness to stock SIEMENS products convinced our business partners right from the start. The first official contract between our companies was signed in 1999. The partnership was taken to a new level in 2007 with the “Siemens Solution Partner Automation” contract. Since then, the co-operation has been intensified at regular intervals. Most recently, we were also entrusted with the distribution of SIEMENS low-voltage motors in Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. With the transfer of the motor business to INNOMOTICS, we will continue the partnership with both companies, as our partnership encompasses key aspects of both business areas that have been spun off and those that remain within the Group.

MOLL-MOTOR sales focus less on individual products and more on offering customised solutions for drive problems. We are happy to rely on SIEMENS and INNOMOTICS components, but not exclusively. If the situation requires it, we combine them flexibly with products from other manufacturers. In this way, we have already been able to win projects and help all partners to do good business where SIEMENS alone would have been less competitive. An outstanding example of this is a major project for a ship loader in the Baltic States. By skilfully combining SIEMENS motors and gearboxes (now in the INNOMOTICS portfolio) with an encapsulated electromagnetic brake from an Italian manufacturer, we were able to meet the special environmental conditions on site and at the same time offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

Despite interesting international co-operations, our main focus in our collaboration with SIEMENS and INNOMOTICS remains firmly on the Austrian market. Here we supply mechanical engineering customers, maintenance-intensive large companies and maintenance organisations with motors and gearboxes from INNOMOTICS, as well as with switch cabinets manufactured in-house, into which we integrate numerous electronic components from SIEMENS and their frequency inverters. The drive technology market in Austria thus benefits from our daily availability of products in stock in Stockerau, and our test bench for SIEMENS servomotors is also ready for use here, where we can service and repair servomotors within a few hours.

The long-standing and successful cooperation with SIEMENS has created strong business links and also sustainable friendships between our companies and the employees on both sides. Some of these relationships live on with the spin-off in the company INNOMOTICS. For this reason, we are optimistic about a further long-term partnership with both companies.

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