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  • High price level for electric motors: The Causes
    Producing electric motors and selling them worldwide is a complex undertaking – and so the burden of high costs, as we are all feeling at the moment, also have an impact on the final price. We take a look at the background.
  • Control cabinet controls vacuum packaging
    Our control cabinet construction department recently won a project to build the individually designed control system for the vacuum control center of a large Upper Austrian company in the food industry.
  • Express service for planetary gearboxes
    The Albern port is an important freight port in Vienna. In the past, floods have always threatened to cause damage worth millions; the port was last flooded in 2013. For this reason, a gate has been under construction since 2020 to seal off the port from the Danube.
  • Diesel aggregate supplied for municipal emergency power operation
    A blackout, a system failure of our power grid, has been a serious threat for several years. In January 2019, the entire European power grid almost collapsed, and since then private individuals and municipalities have been increasingly preparing to ensure emergency operation.