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Betriebsgebäude der Firma MOLL-MOTOR in Stockerau


  • IE4 mandatory from 1 July 2023: How IE4 efficiency is achieved
    The IE4 obligation for electric motors is approaching, we already offer these motors today, and often our customers are surprised: despite higher efficiency, the motors look identical as before. Here we reveal the reasons and the hidden optimizations that are made to significantly increase the efficiency.
  • PTO generators for sheep and goat breeders
    Agricultural livestock farms are the biggest clientele for power take-off generators from MOLL-MOTOR, because there is always a well-maintained tractor available as a prime mover for emergency power generation. When you think of an Austrian livestock farm, the first things that come to mind are cattle, pigs and chickens. The two longest domesticated species, sheep and goats, are easily overlooked.
  • Old electric motors in operation? From this production date you should replace it!
    With the start of summer, new regulations will apply to new electric motors: large motors must meet efficiency class IE4. In the course of this change, smaller motors have also been developed in IE4, which can save you a lot of money. The nameplate of the old motor will tell you exactly how much.
  • 20 years of Zapfi production: Interview with Ing. Herbert Kastner
    PTO units are emergency generators that are driven by the tractor. Today, MOLL-MOTOR is one of the best-known manufacturers in Austria; the start of serial production took place exactly 20 years ago. On the occasion of this anniversary, we talk to Ing. Herbert Kastner.

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