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New head of repair and service

We are pleased to introduce our new head of repair and service. Michael Lehner has taken over the function in the company on 2 october 2023 and is now responsible for the repair and service team as well as the preparation of offers and negotiations with suppliers in the repair business.

Since 2007, Mr. Lehner has experience with mechatronic repairs and has been a valuable part of MOLL-MOTOR for several years.

We congratulate him on his new position in the company and wish him every success.

We repair components and systems

MOLL-MOTOR offers both electrical and mechanical repairs and related service of all products belonging to mechatronic drive technology. On the one hand, we take care of the individual components, such as three-phase motors, servo motors and gearboxes, and on the other hand, we take care of equipment in which they are installed, such as blowers, mixers and pumps. A complete maintenance also includes the connected auxiliary device, such as water cooling systems, encoders, brake solenoids, etc.

Due to the wide range of services offered, MOLL-MOTOR is a sought-after service partner for large production companies, on whose equipment many motors are running. Repairs are mostly carried out in our workshop, but our team also performs services on site. We are used for drives in industrial plants, but also in public infrastructure. For example, fans for the ventilation of road tunnels are serviced.

We ask maintenance staff who want to use our service for their company to ask for Mr. Lehner.

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