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MOLL-MOTOR drives reliable at 4500m above sea level in Tibet

MOLL-MOTOR sees special projects as an opportunity to gather experience on the endurance of our drives. One such project was carried out under the responsibility of UWITEC. A sediment sampling plant at Lake Taruo in the Himalayas will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2024. MOLL-MOTOR products have been proving their reliability for a decade at the installation site at 4500m above sea level.

The Tibetan highlands are one of the largest freshwater reservoirs in the world and are mainly located in China. Moisture carried to this “roof of the world” by the monsoon feeds glaciers, lakes and the great rivers of South Asia. Here the water collects in more than 740 lakes with an area of over 1 km². Lake Taruo at 4500m above sea level is one of the more unknown freshwater lakes with no outlet, although its impressive size. With a length of 38.1 km and a width of 17.2 km, it is larger in both dimensions than Lake Neusiedl!

Using a platform from Austria, which can be seen in the pictures, researchers take sediment samples from the bottom of the lake. These samples can be examined for microorganisms and pollutants and provide information about climate history and erosion. The platform comes from the company UWITEC from the municipality of Mondsee in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut region, which has been a customer of MOLL-MOTOR for almost 20 years and provides complete solutions for taking sediment samples from bodies of water. A blue electric motor and a gray, rectangular worm gear can be seen on the side at the height of the platform’s railing. These were supplied by MOLL-MOTOR and have proven to be extremely robust and reliable. Due to the positive experience, UWITEC now also purchases control cabinets and frequency inverters from MOLL-MOTOR.

Electric motors are usually designed for sea heights up to a maximum of 1000m, the low air pressure in the high mountains limits their performance. However, MOLL-MOTOR is the right partner for customized solutions that can cope with all conceivable challenges, such as extreme altitudes or difficult environmental conditions. The adaptability of the high-quality products makes it possible to achieve optimum results even in remote areas such as Lake Taruo. MOLL-MOTOR’s well-trained sales engineers cater to the specific needs of customers from a wide range of industries. This support helps Austrian companies to successfully assert themselves as suppliers of technical products and systems, even in technology-oriented China.

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