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Swiss industry intensifies search for suppliers in Austria

Austria’s economy is closely networked with neighboring countries and has a strong supply industry. Networking is particularly strong with Germany (30% of exports) and the EU as a whole (69% of exports). However, disproportionately high growth was achieved outside the EU, in exports to Switzerland (4.6% in the first half of 2023). The strengthened link with Switzerland will continue to grow in 2024, as the abolition of industrial tariffs came into force on January 1, 2024.

MOLL-MOTOR is one of the Austrian suppliers for international mechanical engineering companies. Manufacturers purchase parts and assemblies from us because the right mix is available in Austria: Our service package includes high-quality engineering, delivery reliability and high ethical standards, coupled with great flexibility, customer orientation and competitive prices.

Previous deliveries to Switzerland consisted mainly of niche products where MOLL-MOTOR was able to play off its particular strengths: Stock availability of explosion-proof ATEX electric motors, fast special painting of drives, and conversion to current-insulated bearings. However, Swiss customers had to pay customs duties on these industrial products, which is why standard motors remained at a competitive disadvantage.

New customs regulations from the beginning of 2024

Fortunately, Switzerland put its customs policy to the test in 2022 and came to the conclusion that industrial tariffs bring more disadvantages than advantages to the business location. The decision was taken to exempt all goods listed in the customs tariff from chapter 25 onwards from customs tariffs from 2024. This also includes electric motors, frequency converters and gearboxes from MOLL-MOTOR’s product range, which will become cheaper for Swiss customers in one fell swoop. MOLL-MOTOR was already able to increase its turnover with Switzerland by 25% in 2023, and expectations for 2024 are even higher, as larger orders were already accepted at the beginning of this year.

The market is adapting quickly to new situations, especially for standard frequency inverters and three-phase motors, as supplier changes are possible with short lead times. The quickest reaction time is for buyers of large quantities, who can achieve large savings even with a small advantage in the unit price. In the coming months, more MOLL-MOTOR electric motors than ever before will therefore be delivered from Austria to Switzerland, to the mutual benefit of Swiss mechanical engineering and Austrian suppliers.

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