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Express service for planetary gearboxes

The Albern port is an important freight port in Vienna. In the past, floods have always threatened to cause damage worth millions; the port was last flooded in 2013. For this reason, a gate has been under construction since 2020 to seal off the port from the Danube.

This steel gate is a full 30 meters long, 14.25 meters high and weighs 250 tons. In order to muster the necessary power to move this huge gate, two planetary gears with a torque of 476410 Nm each are available. These were supplied by the manufacturer of the gate.

Around May 1, 2022, an urgent service of the gearboxes became necessary. MOLL-MOTOR was able to help quickly: Our repair team disassembled the gearboxes on site, performed the service in Stockerau and reassembled them. Thus the operational readiness of the gate was guaranteed!

MOLL-MOTOR services and repairs gearboxes of all manufacturers, in this particular case we were dealing with a product of Bonfiglioli from Italy. We have a partnership with this company that goes back more than 45 years, which was particularly helpful for this order.

More information about the port gate can be found in this video:

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