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Modernization of a classic: Old PTO shines in new splendor

Our workshop recently had the opportunity to overhaul an old PTO generator and upgrade it with the latest technology. The generator itself was in perfect condition, but the pointer measuring device was defective. The customer’s initial request was limited to replacing the measuring device, but during the consultation the customer decided on a more comprehensive modernization of the entire PTO generator. The device was therefore given a new control cabinet with the latest control system.

Technical adjustments

The new configuration now includes advanced functions that raise the performance and monitoring of the generator to a higher level. Frequency monitoring, voltage monitoring and rotating field monitoring are now designed to reflect the state of the art in 2023. In addition, a plug for domestic feed-in is now on board, and automatic switching between domestic and field operation is included in the package. This configuration ensures that the generator responds optimally to changing requirements.

Flexibility of our control cabinet

A particular highlight is the adaptability of the modernized control cabinet, which is not only suitable for our own “Zapfis”, but also for third-party brands of PTO generators, provided that AVR-controlled generators are installed whose mounting dimensions are compatible with those of the manufacturer MeccAlte. This flexibility enables our customers to modernize their existing equipment and adapt it to new requirements. For example, by implementing insulation monitoring instead of an existing solution with an earth spike and RCD, safety can be increased and reliable operation made possible. Unfortunately, the renewal service is not available for compound-controlled generators.

The photos show the new control box.

Price range for modernization

Our switch cabinet construction department carried out the modernization with the usual high precision and care to ensure that the generator meets today’s standards. The price range of € 1000-2000, depending on the individual effort, offers our customers a transparent cost estimate for this type of modernization, and a significant cost saving compared to the purchase of a new PTO generator with the same range of functions.

It is gratifying to see that we were able to realize a comprehensive upgrade with our customer and that he can now once again use a reliable and powerful power generation system that offers him more reliable security than ever in the event of power failures. This success story also underlines the longevity of the electrical generators we use. If you have any questions or are interested in similar modernization projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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