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PTO generators for sheep and goat breeders

Agricultural livestock farms are the biggest clientele for power take-off generators from MOLL-MOTOR, because there is always a well-maintained tractor available as a prime mover for emergency power generation. When you think of an Austrian livestock farm, the first things that come to mind are cattle, pigs and chickens. The two longest domesticated species, sheep and goats, are easily overlooked.

The farms in Austria are of course not comparable in size with sheep farms in Ireland, and in terms of number of farms with goat farming in Turkey. However, 16,000 farms keep sheep, and more than 10,000 farms keep goats.

The animals are very frugal, so keepers often manage with little technology. However, caring for sheep and goats is also challenging, and farmers are increasingly turning to barn technology to ease the burden. The more technology is used on the farm, the more important it is to have a reliable power supply, and here MOLL-MOTOR is the supplier of choice for many. Therefore, the newspaper “Schafe und Ziegen aktuell” published a report on our new Zapfi series in its March issue, which we reproduce here in its entirety:

Moll Motor: ZGN power generators

More and more farms are securing themselves against power failure with emergency power generators. If the tractor is used as a prime mover, an additional combustion engine and the maintenance of the same can be omitted. Moll-Motor from Stockerau has now fundamentally revised its PTO generators. The new ZGN series (15kVA for tractor power from 35 hp to 62.5 kVA) offers safety against deviations in frequency and voltage, overload or short circuit. The AVR3 electronic voltage regulation with three-phase actual value recording ensures unbalanced load capability and voltage accuracy. ZGN series units are available starting from 4,000 euros. They offer three-point cat. II, PTO shaft support and PTO shaft guard as well as a wheel set on request, otherwise parking skids. The effective power of small models starts at 12 kW and ends at 42 kW for the large ones, for this are 130 tractor-horsepowers at the 540 PTO recommended for drive. The units are designed for field and home operation.

From: Schafe und Ziegen aktuell, Edition 2/2023, Publisher: Landwirt Agrarmedien GmbH, Graz

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