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AIQ Detect: Monitor couplings- avoid downtimes!

Couplings connect motors to machines and systems. With direct attachment and belt drive, they are one of the top three options for torque transmission in industrial applications. While we rely on the reliability of our coupling partner Flender, our customers rely on our stock availability. This is particularly in demand when an existing coupling suddenly fails – often decades later. Now there is a new, uncomplicated option for condition monitoring that can prevent unplanned downtimes: AIQ Detect.

Avoidance of unplanned downtimes thanks to precise wear detection

The AIQ Detect sensor revolutionizes the monitoring of semi-flexible couplings. This system provides continuous real-time monitoring of coupling wear, enabling early problem detection and prevention of potential failures. Changes in the torsional positions within the coupling are detected via the relative position of the magnets that are integrated into the coupling parts. Increasing torsion is a clear indication of elastomer wear. The wearing parts can be replaced at the ideal time, avoiding unnecessary downtime and maintenance work.

Condition monitoring during operation

With the AIQ Detect, operators can easily check the condition of their couplings without interrupting production. This is not only possible through digital integration into a larger monitoring system, but also very simply locally. An LED light strip indicates the coupling status: Green means good condition, yellow signals upcoming replacement at the next opportunity, and red warns and indicates an urgent need for action. In addition, a smartphone app with Bluetooth connection enables convenient monitoring and adjustment of the sensor settings.

Photo: Flender

Flexibility and retrofit option for existing systems

The AIQ Detect is suitable for Flender couplings from the N-EUPEX and RUPEX series; in addition to initial fitting with AIQ, existing couplings can also be retrofitted. MOLL-MOTOR has compatible N-EUPEX couplings immediately available in stock and is able to carry out the installation during a service visit using a retrofit kit and a special drilling template without affecting the balancing quality of the coupling.

The easy entry into digital monitoring

The combination of retrofittability and local, optical monitoring makes it easy to get started – all you need to do at the beginning is ensure a power supply at the installation site. At the same time, AIQ Detect offers numerous remote monitoring options that can be introduced step by step. This means that digital production monitoring is not a huge project that ties up a lot of resources, but can be broken down into manageable improvement steps. This means that the systems can be kept up to date with the latest technology in the long term without major conversions or investments.

Advantages and environmental contribution

The use of AIQ Detect brings numerous advantages: Maximum operational reliability, considerable simplification of the work of maintenance teams, reduction of waste through demand-oriented replacement of elastomers and savings in maintenance costs and downtime. In addition, the environment is protected as fewer resources are wasted. MOLL-MOTOR is ready to accompany its industrial customers on this path into the future, our employees look forward to your call.

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