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IE5 motors from Innomotics: Compact thanks to permanent magnets

Siemens has spun off the Innomotics motor division from its electronics-focused group to allow this business area to develop more fully. As a premium manufacturer, Innomotics is also taking up the challenge of exceeding the highest internationally recognized efficiency levels and has an IE5 motor in its portfolio that relies on permanent magnet technology. These motors are specifically designed to help companies achieve energy-efficient and sustainable operations.

Conserving resources with rare earths

Innomotics PM motors use magnets produced with rare earths to generate a constant magnetic field. Media reports often associate rare earths with problematic mining methods, but Innomotics has clean, reliable supply chain partners. They are checked with the kind of conscientiousness that a Siemens heir must apply. The founder of Siemens and inventor of the electric motor, Werner von Siemens, was already known for his commitment to social issues and his progressive thinking with regard to working conditions. While he protected workers in Germany in the 19th century far beyond what was customary at the time, Innomotics ensures that rare earths from trustworthy mining countries are used.

The PM motor conserves resources in a number of ways. Thanks to its more compact design, less metal is required, which means that less CO2 is produced during production. Resources are also conserved during operation, as no electrical current is required to generate magnetic fields in the rotor. This distinguishes permanent magnet motors from conventional asynchronous motors and enables unsurpassed efficiency and power density.

Photo: Innomotics

Advantages of PM technology

With a focus on high efficiency even in the partial load range and a wide speed range, Innomotics PM motors offer a number of advantages, including higher torques, lower weight and improved dynamic performance. Their compact and lightweight design makes them ideal for industrial applications where space and weight are critical. From material handling and HVAC systems to water and wastewater treatment plants, Innomotics PM motors are the optimal choice for a wide range of applications. Their superior performance and efficiency are suitable for standard applications as well as demanding applications where high power density and constant torque are required.

Photo: Innomotics

Adaptable design and easy integration

The 1FZ1 PM motor series is based on the 1LE1 asynchronous motor platform, which was known as SIEMENS standard motors for 15 years and was transferred to Innomotics in 2023. Although there are not yet many 1FZ1 motors in the field, the availability of spare parts is excellent, and MOLL-MOTOR also stocks all important spare parts.

The more compact dimensions ensure a high degree of adaptability to specific requirements. This makes the Innomotics PM motor particularly suitable for machine manufacturers who generate a significant proportion of their income from the spare parts business. Due to their compact design, the motors cannot be replaced at will with cheaper asynchronous motors from third-party manufacturers.

Robust and reliable technical specifications

Permanent magnet motors are always designed for operation with frequency inverters, whereby inverters that support PM technology must be selected. Vector control (field-oriented control) offers precise control of motor torque and speed, which is particularly advantageous for applications with high precision and speed requirements. MOLL-MOTOR can put together the right package to meet the customer’s needs from a single source. A power range from 90 to 250 kW is currently covered. The high efficiency of the motors is offered over a wide speed range and they are equipped with robust thermal protection to cope with all operating points.

With Innomotics permanent magnet motors in efficiency class IE5, MOLL-MOTOR has a future-oriented premium solution in its range that redefines efficiency, performance and flexibility in industrial applications.

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