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5 years of electromobility at MOLL-MOTOR

Electric drives are efficient and low-maintenance. MOLL-MOTOR is very familiar with these strengths, as we supply over 80,000 three-phase motors for stationary applications every year. Electric drives also have our trust beyond our industry; over the last five years, our fleet has been gradually electrified.

Electric drives are the absolute standard in the industry we supply; combustion engines are only used in exceptional cases. In contrast, electric drives for cars are still a major topic of discussion. The main critical point here is the power supply. Drives in industry are connected directly to the power grid, the power required can be easily planned by electricity suppliers and the cost of electricity is therefore manageable. Electric cars, on the other hand, rely on rechargeable batteries, and their practicality over longer distances depends very much on the charging infrastructure.

Our electric vehicle fleet

MOLL-MOTOR opted for electromobility five years ago. The decision was aided by our photovoltaic system. This allows the cars to be charged on the company premises during working hours while the panels generate electricity from sunlight. In these five years, we have had many positive experiences, the cars have proven to be low-maintenance and the batteries installed from the various manufacturers have maintained their capacity despite different usage profiles.

We currently have seven cars from different manufacturers in our fleet, which means that around 40% of our vehicle fleet is electric. In addition, the positive experience has also motivated employees to trust an electric car privately. Since 2019, the use of electric cars has become even easier. Thanks to improved fast-charging technology in the car and significantly more fast-charging stations on main routes, even long distances can be covered without worry. In the past, employees were happy to use a combustion engine for business trips to the Czech Republic or Switzerland, but this is no longer an issue.

In the coming years, too, we will always look for a suitable electric car first when procuring vehicles. There are still applications in which a combustion engine has significant advantages over an electric vehicle, which is why our service vehicles continue to run on diesel. We are confident that electric motor technology will continue to develop over the next five years and are motivated to keep our finger on the pulse, both with our vehicles and with our drives for the industry.

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