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Genset for monastery St. Koloman in Stockerau

In order to be protected from a power failure and to be able to maintain the important infrastructure, the monastery St. Koloman, located in the west of Stockerau, has decided to purchase a diesel generator. More information and technical details can be found here.

The diesel generator was delivered in November 2023. Weighing several tons, it is intended for stationary use. The genset’s output was designed so that all consumers can be switched on at the same time. The two 50kW motors for the lift system were also included. With a built-in generator from the Italian brand MeccAlte and particularly good sound insulation, the genset is extremely quiet and smooth-running during operation.

Technical data at a glance

Installed generatorECP34-1L4C with AVR DSR
Prime power (PRP)150kVA/120kW
Stand-by power (LTP)165kVA/132kW
Speed1500 rpm
Number of phases3
Rated frequency50Hz
Voltage 3F/1F400/230V
Weight3.2 tons

Commissioning and test run

After delivery, the diesel generator was connected to the building installation. In the event of a mains failure, the genset starts up.

Generators with a built-in diesel motor can either supply continuous power after being switched on manually or automatically take over the emergency power supply in the event of a power failure thanks to the automatic switch-on function. When the mains power returns, the genset switches itself off again and the mains interlock prevents power from being fed back into the mains. The mains backup functions 24 hours under full load.

During the official handover, the monastery’s technicians were given a briefing on how to operate the system. The execution of a test run or the deletion of an error code as a result of pressing the emergency stop switch was discussed. The unit is to be put into operation several times a year in order to maintain its functionality. Regular servicing and maintenance of the generator is carried out on call by MOLL-MOTOR specialists.

Other available diesel generators: from 6.5 kVA to 720 kVA, higher outputs are also possible
Generators with diesel motors are often sold to municipalities, retirement homes and private individuals. We look forward to your inquiry.

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