Wir suchen Verstärkung!

Over 160000Nm, the largest and most powerful gearbox we have ever sold!

In August 2021, MOLL-MOTOR had reason to celebrate as we set a new size record in one of our core business areas.

Gearbox sales have been part of our core business since 1975, here our top-selling gearbox is the Bonfiglioli W63 with a size of about 15 by 20cm. Of course, we regularly sell much larger gearboxes, but now a gearbox was delivered that set new standards. With a length of two meters forty, a height of one meter twenty-six and a gross weight of 11 tons (with coupling), we had to test the limits of our 12t crane. The output shaft of this gearbox alone, with a diameter of 320mm and a length of 470mm, is much larger than most gearboxes. It is extremely rare to see such a shaft, even in our industry.

The gearbox was produced for us in Europe, and sold to another EU country, as about 40% of our sales are made outside Austria. This large gearbox is designed to drive a rotary kiln in a steel mill that is used to recover zinc. Zinc is a valuable raw material that arrives at the steel mill, for example, through the recycling of galvanized steel parts, and can thus be cleanly separated again. The drive is provided by an electric motor with an output of 132kW, which in combination with the gearbox supplied by us ensures a torque of over 160000Nm, with which the huge furnace is constantly rotated.

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