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Successful Innomotics Academy with MOLL-MOTOR presentation

The motor manufacturer Innomotics relies on cooperation with local partner companies in order to provide the market with flexible distribution and modification in the best possible way. At regular events, technical training sessions are offered, new products are presented, strategy discussions are held and networking between the partner companies is facilitated. MOLL-MOTOR was the first partner 25 years ago and was therefore proud to present its delivery capability to other partner companies.

The Innomotics Academy is the continuation of a program that was launched 25 years ago in the Siemens Group and has evolved over decades under the name Simolog. The spin-off of the SIEMENS motor division into the independent company Innomotics has resulted in a realignment of the proven format. The first event under the new colors was therefore particularly large, with over 200 industry representatives taking part in the conference. The majority of visitors are technical sales staff and managers from over 50 partner companies, as well as numerous engineers from the organizing company, who will come together in Vienna from 22 to 25 January 2024.

MOLL-MOTOR’s presentation was part of the plenary event on the main stage of the Arcotel Wimberger in Vienna. Thomas Kratzmann, a MOLL-MOTOR employee since 2020, informed the international guests about the constant availability of 1000 motors of 1LE series in stock in Stockerau, which are usually dispatched to customers in 24 hours. He also provided information about the modification options in the MOLL-MOTOR workshop for standard and explosion-proof electric motors. He caused a stir among the industry representatives with the live presentation of a modification by converting a 0.37 kW electric motor to forced ventilation within one minute on an open stage.

The technical training courses are aimed at strengthening employees and partners in their daily work as well as preparing them for major issues of the future. For example, the topic of vibrations was discussed with the participants and they were brought up to date on mechanical and electrical causes, relevant standards, measuring systems and frequency analysis options. The further increase in energy efficiency through permanent magnet motors, the expected development of a CO2 circular economy and the growth potential of the hydrogen economy were discussed in detail as major topics for the future.

There were networking opportunities for the industry representatives during a joint visit to the Prater, and Viennese expressions such as “leiwand” were presented as casual discussion material for coffee breaks.

After this successful event, MOLL-MOTOR is looking forward to further cooperation with Innomotics, as well as to increased inquiries from partner companies for stock motors between 0.12 and 160kW available at short notice.

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