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55 years of partnership: motor manufacturer M.G.M. pays a visit

Rapid market changes can result in short-lived business relations. Therefore, long-standing partnerships with potential for the future are remarkable. We recently celebrated the 55th anniversary of partnership with brake motor manufacturer M.G.M. Motori Electricci. Eduardo Ghieri, owner of the company from Tuscany and it’s sales director, and Stefano Pacini, our key account manager for many years, honored our collaboration with their visit.

The Italian company M.G.M. produces three-phase motors with electromagnetic brakes. It’s a fabily business, based in Serravalle Pistoiese, a municipality halfway between Florence and Pisa. Like MOLL-MOTOR, M.G.M. Motori Elettrici started right after World War II and grew internationally. Locations in Canada, the USA, Turkey and India show different focus in their global expansion compared to MOLL-MOTOR. Our shared history with several parallels has its roots in the late 1960s, the oldest invoice was issued when the company was still named after our founder, Norbert Moll. When Gerald Moll led the firm, we intensified our cooperation with Italian manufacturers, and M.G.M. has proved to be a consistent partner ever since.

Motor Quality

M.G.M. motors are known for their high quality and versatility. The versatility of the product series BA/BAX is crucial for us. As brake motors make up only about 2% of our motor sales, a product covering all market needs is a big plus. The M.G.M. motors’ reliability and the ready availability of parts ensure that customers stick with them, even if they don’t fully use all features. Safety and minimal operational disruption are key, wherever brake motors are required. The very low complaint rates of their motor series are outstanding, so they are still based on the solid foundations laid back in the late 1980s. The motors have been improved continuously ever since in equipment, efficiency, and modularity.

Future Collaboration

Our discussions also covered future market and industry opportunities, anticipating more growth and innovation. M.G.M. updated us on their modernization of production and organizational improvements, adapting to the challenges of recent years. These developments promise increased efficiency and reliability. Our 55 year collaboration is set for a good future, with stable further development on the horizon. We thank Eduardo and Stefano for their visit and look forward to continued trusted partnership.

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