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Thousand years of experience

MOLL-MOTOR persuades customers with expertise, which is largely fed by our experience. We have plenty of the latter: If you add up the length of service of our employees, the magic mark of 1000 years was exceeded this year!

A thousand years of experience divided among 100 employees doesn’t sound that impressive at first, “only” 10 years per employee. But a look at the details reveals the healthy age structure of our workforce and the good mix of self-acquired and brought-along experience, as well as fresh ideas.

Thomas Schott, repair, part of MOLL-MOTOR since 1998

There are currently 11 employees in our company who have already recorded 25 years of service or will reach this mark in August. In total, these colleagues have 330 years of experience! The four longest-serving employees play out this experience, for example, in their areas of shipping, complaints, repair and gearbox construction.

At the other end of the experience scale, MOLL-MOTOR currently employs 24 people, including apprentices, who are younger than 25. Due to their youth alone, these colleagues cannot show 10 years of experience in our company yet, but despite their young age, they usually already approach their tasks with enormous aplomb. During their training phase, they were able to learn from employees with many years of experience and at the same time they had to prove themselves in daily practice.

Sarah Manga, Purchasing, part of MOLL-MOTOR since 2015

Christian Grundler, painter, part of MOLL-MOTOR since 2022

Between these already presented groups, there is a widely spread middle ground. Due to our continuous and stable growth, we have on one hand been able to keep many colleagues in the company over the decades, who started working here after school. On the other hand, we have been able to permanently recruit new people who bring important impulses from other companies or even from other industries, into our company. This additional wealth of experience from outside is added to the 1000 years of in-house experience.

This concentrated experience of our employees benefits our customers whenever they send us an inquiry looking for drive solutions. And because old customers remain loyal to us and new customers join us, we are confident that we will be able to continue on our successful path in future decades.

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