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Image brochure: More than just marketing

On the occasion of our 75th anniversary, the new image brochure of MOLL-MOTOR is available. It offers insights into various areas of the company and its building blocks for success. A double page is dedicated to each subject area. The contents at a glance:

On the occasion of our 75th anniversary, MOLL-MOTOR is publishing a new image brochure. In the layout of a magazine, different target groups are addressed in order to give them an understanding of various aspects of our company.

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At the beginning, the company history is highlighted, which already began in 1948 in the “Schlössl” in Stockerau. Closely related to this is the development of standardized electric motors, which dominate the market today and are characterized by efficiency classes. Another factor of success is our long-standing and trustful cooperation with partners in the mechanical drive technology (Bonfiglioli) and the electrical industry (Siemens).

We present sales representatives and their work, for example a project in the theater industry, the support of merchant customers or customers in the mechanical engineering industry. Whether apprentices, graduates of higher education or career changers, we have a colorful mix of employees who have one thing in common: Loyalty to MOLL-MOTOR.

Not only the employees remain loyal, also our power take-off units for tractors are an enduring part of the company. For already 20 years we offer our self-built “Zapfis”, on whose development we take a closer look. In addition, we present MOLL-MOTOR as the right contact for individual solutions in the field of control cabinet construction and frequency converters. The article about service and repairs of motors, gearboxes and other products of the mechatronic drive technology offers a review and an outlook.

Our proximity to customers is the subject of a double page spread. In addition to our main location in Stockerau, we also serve our customers from Linz, as well as from Leibnitz (Styria) and Absam (Tyrol). Through cooperation with European distributors and sales representatives, our products are represented internationally, with the export share already exceeding 40%. We have also been able to double our turnover approximately every 10 years. Another report is dedicated to the figures and key factors of our success.

MOLL-MOTOR is a versatile company. Even long-time employees can always find new information in the image brochure and get to know areas they have not dived into before. Read more, you can find the complete image brochure here.

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