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MOLL-MOTOR celebrates 75 years

and looks optimistically to the coming decades.
On Wednesday, 17 May 2023, the traditional company MOLL-MOTOR Mechatronische Antriebstechnik GmbH from Stockerau celebrated its 75th anniversary. The ceremony took place at the Holzer Winery in Leobendorf, Lower Austria.

The guests, employees of the company and members of the extended Moll family, were welcomed by managing partner Gerulf Moll. He expressed his hope to be able to celebrate the 100th anniversary with as many people as possible. Afterwards, his father Gerald Moll, who had managed the company from 1965 to 2007, gave a historical review. He attributed the success of the company since its early days to the right portion of luck and to loyal employees of many years.

In his speech, Managing Director Mag. Gernot Schandl characterized MOLL-MOTOR as a company that offers opportunities: First chances for career starters, second chances for career changers from other industries, as well as new chances for long-time employees, either to take on new areas of responsibility or to fight their way back to the top after a slump. He then presented the new company brochure, which provides insight into various business areas and departments of the company.

The first copy of the brochure, hot off the press, was presented to the Mayor of Stockerau, Mag. (FH) Andrea Völkl. In her greetings, she emphasized that the Moll family has been active in business in Stockerau for four generations by now, a rarity in this day and age. WKO Vice President Dr. Christian Moser and WKO District Office Manager Mag. Anna-Margareta Schrittwieser paid tribute to the entrepreneurial achievements over 75 years. They highlighted the step to found a limited liability company in 1977 as a courageous course in the company’s history and presented Gerulf and Gerald Moll with a certificate of recognition from the Chamber of Commerce.

a short overview of the company history

From a local repair store to the European top league
In May 1948 the company MOLL-MOTOR (trade with electric motors) was founded in Stockerau by Norbert Moll. The small repair store gradually became a well-known supplier of mechatronic drive technology throughout Europe. Today, the company supplies industrial companies, mechanical engineering firms, trades, municipalities and farmers with electric motors, gearboxes, emergency power generators and more. With 100 employees and an annual turnover of more than 30 million euros, MOLL-MOTOR is today one of the most important employers in Stockerau and is still family-owned.

Entrepreneurial family Moll
Entrepreneurship has a long tradition in the Moll family, Alphons Moll manufactured agricultural machinery from 1900. During the post-war reconstruction, Norbert Moll founded the forerunner company of today’s MOLL-MOTOR GmbH. Because many electric motor factories had been destroyed or were on the other side of the Iron Curtain, there was a great need for repairs. In the Donaustraße, in the so-called “Schlößl” in Stockerau, all kinds of motors were repaired.

From repair to trading company
Gerald Moll took over the company in 1971, at the young age of 18. Shortly before that, the IEC standard was adopted for electric motors. So MOLL-MOTOR had standard motors manufactured for them in Europe and signed sales and assembly contracts with the Italian gear manufacturer Bonfiglioli. Soon, the sale of new motors was the largest line of business, with machine manufacturing companies throughout Austria the most important customers. Now a medium-sized company, the company moved to Industriestraße in 1995 and obtained TÜV ISO 9001 certification.

Digitalization and internationalization
Since 2007, Gerulf Moll has been in charge of the family business. He took over the management from his father and ensured modernization in the area of software, e.g. by introducing new warehouse logistics. Suppliers became more international, exports to other EU countries gained in importance. In order to be able to handle larger quantities of goods, the warehouse and office space at the location in Industriestrasse was significantly expanded in several expansion steps, and additional halls were rented.

Successful even in times of crisis
During the supply chain crisis, MOLL-MOTOR’s market shares grew significantly and the company management was expanded. In 2022, Gernot Schandl, who had been export manager for many years, was appointed managing director; he sets new accents in sales and marketing, personnel and corporate structures. Today MOLL-MOTOR is a stable company, which is successful in the areas of trade (drive technology, focus on electric motors), mechanical engineering (emergency power units for PTO drive), service (repair and maintenance) and automation (control cabinet and frequency converter projects) on the Austrian and European market.

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