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Double joy: Stockerau honors Gerald Moll for ice hockey merits

Sport is very important in Stockerau, with 70 sports clubs based here. They are successful in the long term when strong officials are involved in them. Their extraordinary achievements were recognized with an award on 27 February 2024 in the Lenausaal of the Z2000. The highest award, the Sports Medal of Honor in Gold, was presented to seven people, including Gerald Moll for his 25 years of service to the Stockerau ice sports club “Stock City Oilers”.

MOLL-MOTOR is doubly delighted to receive this award: firstly, we are delighted for the ice hockey club, which has enjoyed unbroken popularity for over 37 years. The club has six children and junior teams, as well as three competitive teams. MOLL-MOTOR has been a sponsor since the club was re-founded in 1987. Secondly, we are personally delighted for Gerald Moll, who was the managing director of MOLL-MOTOR for 36 years (from 1971 to 2007). During this time, the company grew from a small repair business to a medium-sized enterprise. His strong ability to think in the long term has contributed to both the Stock City Oilers and MOLL-MOTOR, and his many years of service have shaped both organizations to the present day. We would therefore like to add our congratulations to the community’s tribute and wish him many more active years!

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